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What is WAN?


Short form of Wide Area Network. Computer Network that covers all geographical locations and is a combination of one or more Local Area Network (LAN). Computers connected with WAN can also be mentioned as public computers. These connections are established through a Lease line or through satellite links.

Good example for WAN are Telephone System, Internet Connectivity, etc…  WAN networks are physically provided by ISP (Internet Service Providers). Some WAN Connectivity can be establishes as follows.


Connection Type





Leased Line


Point-to-Point connection between two computers or Local Area Networks (LANs)

Circuit switching


Dedicated circuit path is created between end points. Best example is dialup connections

Packet switching


Devices transport packets via a shared single point-to-point or point-to-multipoint link across a carrier internetwork.

Cell relay


Similar to packet switching, but uses fixed length cells instead of variable length packets.


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