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What is storage vMotion?

  • Storage vMotion is similar to vMotion in the sense that “something” related to the VM is moved and there is no downtime to the VM guest and end users. However, with SVMotion the VM Guest stays on the server that it resides on but the virtual disk for that VM is what moves.
  • With Storage vMotion, you can migrate a virtual machine and its disk files from one datastore to another while the virtual machine is running.
  • You can choose to place the virtual machine and all its disks in a single location, or select separate locations for the virtual machine configuration file and each virtual disk.
  • During a migration with Storage vMotion, you can transform virtual disks from Thick-Provisioned Lazy Zeroed or Thick-Provisioned Eager Zeroed to Thin-Provisioned or the reverse.
  • Perform live migration of virtual machine disk files across any Fibre Channel, iSCSI, FCoE and NFS storage

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