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What is VMware DRS and how does it works?

  • Here DRS stands for Distributed Resource Scheduler which dynamically balances resource across various host under Cluster or resource pool.
  • VMware DRS allows users to define the rules and policies that decide how virtual machines share resources and how these resources are prioritized among multiple virtual machines.
  • Resources are allocated to the virtual machine by either migrating it to another server with more available resources or by making more “space” for it on the same server by migrating other virtual machines to different servers.
  • The live migration of virtual machines to different physical servers is executed completely transparent to end-users through VMware VMotion
  • VMware DRS can be configured to operate in either automatic or manual mode. In automatic mode, VMware DRS determines the best possible distribution of virtual machines among different physical servers and automatically migrates virtual machines to the most appropriate physical servers. In manual mode, VMware DRS provides a recommendation for optimal placement of virtual machines, and leaves it to the system administrator to decide whether to make the change.

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