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Unix Architecture

/                      Root Directory

/bin                 Binary Files Directory

/boot               Booting Files Directory

/dev                Device Configuration Files Directory

/etc                 Configuration Files

/home             This is used to store data under their own directory. It Is Home directory for every User.

/lib                   Library Files Directory

/lost+found     Since it typically contains damaged files, or files the OS percieves as having issues Each 
                       partition has its own lost+found directory. If you find files in there, try to move them back to
                       their original location

/media            This directory contains subdirectories which are used as mount points for removeable media
                       such as floppy disks, cdroms and zip disks.


/mnt                This directory is provided so that the system administrator may temporarily mount a
                       filesystem as needed.

/opt                 As Home directory for additional Software packages

/proc               Process Files Directory

/sbin               Super User Binary related files

/tmp               Temporary Files Directory

/usr                This is directory for additional software is added on workstation configuration

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