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What is Template in VMware ESX Server?


  • A template is a master copy or a baseline image of a virtual machine that can be used to create many clones.
  • Templates cannot be powered on or edited, and are more difficult to alter than ordinary virtual machine.
  • You can convert the template back to Virtual Machine to update the base template with the latest released patches and updates and to install or upgrade any software and again convert back to template to be used for future deployment of Virtual Machines with the latest patches.
  • Convert virtual Machine to template cannot be performed, when Virtual machine is powered on.  Only Clone to Template can be performed when the Virtual Machine is powered on.
  • A template offers a more secure way of preserving a virtual machine configuration that you want to deploy many times.
  • When you clone a virtual machine or deploy a virtual machine from a template, the resulting cloned virtual machine is independent of the original virtual machine or template.

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