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Refresh list of available packages

Refresh list of available packages                               – apt-get update

Install a package from a repository                             – apt-get install package_name

Install a package file                                                   – dpkg –install package.deb

Remove a package                                                      – apt-get remove package_name

Check for package upgrades                                       – apt-get -s upgrade , apt-get -s dist-upgrade

Upgrade packages                                                       – apt-get dist-upgrade

Upgrade the entire system                                          – apt-get dist-upgrade

Get information about an available package               – apt-cache search package_name

Show available packages                                            – apt-cache dumpavail

List all installed packages                                           – dpkg –list

Get information about a package                                – apt-cache show package_name

Get information about an installed package                – dpkg –status package_name

List files in an installed package                                  – dpkg –listfiles package_name

Show the packages a given package depends on      – apt-cache depends

Show other packages that depend on a

given package (reverse dependency)                         – apt-cache rdepends

Get information about a package file                          – dpkg –info package.deb

List files in a package file                                            – dpkg –contents package.deb

Extract files in a package                                            – dpkg-deb –extract package.deb


Find package that installed a file                                – dpkg –search filename

Find package that provides a particular file                – apt-file search filename

Show stats about the package cache                        – apt-cache stats

Verify all installed packages                                       – debsums

Remove packages from the local cache directory       – apt-get clean

Remove only obsolete packages from the local

cache directory                                                           – apt-get autoclean

Remove header files from the local cache directory

(forcing a new download of same on next use)         – apt-file purge


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