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Operational Mode Commands


clear                       Clear information in the system

configure                Manipulate software configuration information

file                          Perform file operations

help                        Provide help information

monitor                   Real-time debugging

ping                        Ping a remote target

quit                         Exit the management session

request                   Make system-level requests

restart                     Restart a software process

set                           Set CLI properties, date, time, craft display text

show                       Show information about the system

ssh                          Open a secure shell to another host

start                        Start a software process

telnet                      Telnet to another host

test                         Diagnostic debugging commands

traceroute               Trace the route to a remote host

root@sysadmin>set CLI complete-on-space <on|off>

root@sysadmin>set CLI idle-timeout 1

root@sysadmin>set cli prompt smartadmin

root@sysadmin>set CLI restart-on-upgrade <on|off>

root@sysadmin>set CLI screen-length 2

root@sysadmin>set CLI screen-width 5

root@sysadmin>set date <time> New date and time (

root@sysadmin>show configuration

root@sysadmin>show configuration | hold

root@sysadmin>show configuration | save

root@sysadmin> show configuration | save my_local_file

root@sysadmin>file list

root@sysadmin>show configuration | save

root@sysadmin>show CLI history

root@sysadmin>show system users

root@sysadmin>help topic date

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