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Publish the printer in Active directory


Method 1




To open Printers and Faxes, click Start ->Control Panel -> Printers and Other Hardware, and then click Printers and Faxes.




Only a shared printer can be published. If you stop sharing a printer, the printer is no longer published.




If you are logged on to system running Active Directory, you can publish your shared printer in the directory. You can tell Active Directory is running because List in the directory appears on the Sharing property page.




When you add a printer using the Add Printer Wizard and select to share the printer, the printer is also set to be published by default.

Method 2




The Group Policy setting Automatically publish new printers in Active Directory, when disabled, prevents the Add Printer Wizard from automatically publishing shared printers.

  • In addition, the Group Policy setting Allow printers to be published must be enabled (default) for printers to be published on that computer.

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