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Online Training

Server RAID RealTime Training

There are system Administrators in experienced level in IT Industry does not get the opportunity in the Real Time Server level to work with RAID Concepts like RAID 0 RAID 1 RAID 5 & RAID 6. We provide the 100 % Practical Real Time Training through online. It will help to upgrade the profile from LEVEL 1 to LEVEL 2.

Checkpoint Firewall Complete Training with Organization Pattern

Many of the System Administrator never get the Opportunity to work with Firewall.

We provide the complete network with multiple ISP's with Public IP's

IT is Real Time training with more than 20 Policies. Policies involves

1. Trusted to Untrusted Network

2. Untrusted Network to Trusted Network

3. Trusted To Trusted Network

4. UTM Feature

5. VPN Technology

Exchange Server 2007

No one imagine kind of training in the real time for exchange Server through online

to feel training like where the Mail server works in in the Organization

It is a Public Environment Setup


Linux Sendmail  DNS & Apache Live Setup

No Linux Certified engineer can experience the pattern of knowledge work in the

Public Setup with SendMail, Configuring all records in Public Dns to setup Webserver in the RealTime

This Course will help to match the experience for LEVEL 3 in Unix Platform

Training Covers

1. Setup Local mail server with private DNS

2. Setup mail server to receive mail from Different Domain @ Public Network

3. Mail Server Fail Over Setup

4. Configuring all records in Public DNS

5. Concepts of Webserver

    Configuring Virtual Webserver with IP Based

    Configuring Virtual Webserver with NAME Based


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