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Linux Administrator Interview Questions


  1. How do you create a Linux User ? And what are the files it reflects?

  2. Explain few Directory & File related Commands?

  3. Explain about Wild Card Characters?

  4. When you install OS how do you define partions ?

  5. Where do you set environment variable?

  6. Where and how do you change the UMASK Value?

  7. What is the use of nmap command?

  8. How do u test the rpm packages installed or not?

  9. How do start the apache service?

  10. What is the use su command?

  11. What is the difference between su and su – ?

  12. Explain linux system folder structure?

  13. How do you create folders and subfolders in single command?

  14. How do you change the ownership and permission for particular folder? Explain with example?

  15. Explain UMASK value ?

  16. How do you configure service to start service while booting?

  17. How do install source file that is TAR Files?

  18. Explain 5 find commands to search file ?

  19. What is the difference between locate & whereis?

  20. What is the use updatedb command?

  21. Test neat command and explain?

  22. What is difference between rm –rf & rmdir ?

  23. How do you install different architecture RPM Package?

  24. What is the use fdisk command?

  25. How do you remove the User?

  26. What is the difference between init 0 & init 6?

  27. Explain ssh command ? And write the syntax ?

  28. How do you create dummy file ?

  29. Write 10 command about VI Editor?

  30. What is the use of DirectoryIndex in Apache?

  31. Explain SAMBA with all commands?

  32. Explain about chkconfig command ?

  33. What is the difference between ssh and scp command?

  34. Explain Full Path & Relative Path?

  35. What is Standard Red Hat Linux file system? Explain?

  36. What is the use of mkfs?

  37. What is the use of separate filesystems?

  38. Can you separate the filesystems /etc, /lib, /bin, /sbin, /dev from “/” Filesystem?

  39. Explain about RAID 0 1 5 Concepts?

  40. What is LVM?

  41. Explain about default log files?

  42. What is the use of /etc/modules.conf?

  43. Explain the syntax to mount the file system?

  44. What is /etc/fstab ?

  45. Know about umount & remount?

  46. Explain about autofs?

  47. What is swap space& how do you create swap space? Write the steps?

  48. Where do you configure init level ?

  49. Explain init levels?

  50. What is the steps of Kernel Initialization?

  51. What is the important tasks of /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit?

  52. What is the use of /etc/rc.local ?

  53. Which utility is used to control Default Services Startup?

  54. What is the utilities toControl Services Manually?

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