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Lamp Integration

@ Php Configuration

Level 1

# tar -zxvf php-20.0.1.tar.gz

# cd php-20.0.1

# ./configure –prefix=/<path>, –enable-memory-limit, –enable-ftp, –with-aspx2=/<Folder Path>,

Go to the D

Check the configuration is updated through phpinfo()

Level 2

Reconfigure the php by given configuration details

     1. How do you remove the debugging feature in PHP

     2. How do you integrate the bunzip [bz2] @php

     3. Enable the image or picture features in @Php

           a. PIC

           b. Jpeg

           c. Png

     4. Test the environment

Level 3

Reconfigure the Php by given configuration details

     1. How do you enable spelling check in the php?

           a. Use pspell feature

     2. To read and write the XML feature which option do you integrate?

     3. Enable the feature of True type Fonts that is Free Type

Level 4

Reconfigure php to enable IMAP facility

               For this have to search the internet to find the TAR Package and try to get the installation Scripts


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