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Jun OS Configuration files location

Where the Configuration Files are Stored in the JUNOS

The Juniper Networks router offers a very robust mechanism for managing your configuration files.

JUNOS is based on FreeBSD UNIX,

When you login into the configuration mode, JUNOS copies the current configuration to a file called the candidate configuration.

This candidate configuration allows you and other users to see changes that have been made to the configuration.

However , any changes made will not take effect until they have been committed.

In other words, if you enter the configuration mode and change the system name to Sysadmin, that new name is visible in the candidate configuration file. However , the prompt still displays the current name. When you commit the configuration changes by typing the commit command, you will then see the new system name for the router .

JUNOS works with the active configuration file, candidate configuration file, and the previous nine committed configuration files.

These files are stored in different locations within the Juniper Networks router .

The active configuration file is named juniper.conf and is stored in the /confidirectory on the flash memory.

In addition to the juniper.conf file, there are three more files stored in /config: juniper.conf.1.gz, juniper.conf.2.gz, and juniper.conf.3.gz. These three files are zipped files, but the active configuration file is not.

The remaining five configuration files are stored on the hard disk in the /var/db/config directory and follow the same naming convention as the others, starting with number four.

root@sysadmin>file list /config

root@sysadmin>file show /config/juniper.conf

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