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Oracle Interview Questions

1. How to upgrade catalog DB?

2. How to check index is used or not?

3. Name some basic parameters is during installing DB?

4. Difference between auxiliary channel and channel?

5. Explain import & export DB?

6. How to enforce parallelism in rman?

7. How to checks patches applied or not?

8. Name some error message and how to solve them?

9. Steps 2 tune DB query?

10. What is CBO? Name some statistic table

11. Name some parameters in AWR report?

12. Name top 5 write event and solve them

13. what are latches

14. how to solve row migration problem

15. how to use multi blocks size parameters

16. What is Rman cloning?

17. How to check block corruption in data files?

18. steps to cloning manual

19. What is plan table? How to create it?

20. how to format plan table output

21. How to check numbers of db’s running in server.

22. Components of SGA?

23. conditions of chk point

24. condition of log switch

25. max no of DB Work Procs can be invalid in 10g

26. How to chk lsnr running?

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