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Exchange Server L1 Interview Questions

1. What is the difference between Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2010?

2. What is Mail Information Store?

3. What is the name of database used in Exchange 2007?

4. What is Recovery Storage Group?

5. How many Storage Group can I create in Exchange 2007 Standard Edition?

6. How many Mailbox can I Create in Exchange 2007 Enterprise edition for per Storage Group?

7. What is Public Folder?

8. What is Exchange Management Tools?

9. What are the types of Exchange Administrator Role?

10. How many Roles are involved in Exchange Server 2007?

11. Difference between Exchange Server Enterprise CAL and Standard CAL.

12. If we plan to install Exchange Server 2007 in an existing Domain, is it mandatory to upgrade AD with 64bit OS?

13. What if the Client Access server role is not available from the Internet?

14. What is the Autodiscover service?

15. What are all the features available in Exchange 2007 SP1?

16. Can Exchange Server acts as POP3 or IMAP Server?

17. Explain about MAPI.

18. What is Outlook Anywhere?

19. How will configure Disclaimer for Exchange Server?

20. What is Smart Host Routing?

21. Explain About Send Connector?

22. If we plan to install multiple Hub Transport Server to load balance mail traffic. How do we achieve performance?

23. Explain about Mail Relay?

24. Can Exchange Server act as Mail Relay?

25. Can we block sending mail to specific domain in Exchange?

26. Explain Journaling.

27. What is SCR? Explain the salient features of deploying SCR?

28. Explain briefly about dynamic distribution group.