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How to use SSH


Package Name: ssh

Service Name : sshd

Port : 22

Secure Shell, also known as ssh, is a secure telnet replacement that encrypts all traffic, including passwords, using a public/private encryption key exchange protocol. It provides the same functionality of telnet, plus other useful functions, such as traffic tunneling.


ssh username @ ipaddress or hostname


Secure Copy, also known as scp, is part of the ssh package. It is a secure alternative to rcp and ftp, because, like ssh, the password is not sent over the network in plain text. You can scp files to any machine that has an ssh daemon running.

Syntax to copy files

scp remote hostname or ipaddress:/filename /localhost folder


Syntax to copy files, folder and subfolder

scp -r remote hostname or ipaddress:/source foldername /destination foldername


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