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How to Create disclaimer in Exchange Server 2007?


  • Open the Exchange Management Console
  • Expand  Organization Configuration
  • Click on Hub Transport
  • In the Toolbox Action click on New Transport Rule
Conditions. In this window, we will begin defining the conditions for our transport rule. For the purposes of this example, we will select the “from users inside or outside the organization” checkbox and in the box below (Step 2) we will get the value associated with that condition. We will leave the Inside option. 

Conditions. We must also select the “sent to users inside or outside the organization” checkbox. Then, we can click on the Inside option of the second condition to change the Inside value to Outside.

Select Scope. On the Select scope window, we can change the scope for the second parameter. We are going to select Outside and then we will click OK to continue

Conditions. Now we can review the condition that we set for our new transport rule. This new transport rule will be applied to all messages from “Inside the organization” to “Outside the organization”.

Actions. In this window, we have to click on the “append disclaimer using font, size, color with separator and fallback to action wrap if unable to apply” checkbox. In step 2, we can see many links for each setting that we can use for our disclaimer. Click on the Disclaimer text link.
Exceptions. We can define exceptions based on conditions. These exceptions are useful if some people do not need to send or receive message with disclaimers. Select the desired option and click Next to continue. 
Create Rule. This is the summary window, with all the defined settings for our new disclaimer. Review the options and click New.
Completion. The new rule was created with the New-Transportrule command-let with all the associated parameters already defined.

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