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How Messages Get to Exchange from the Internet

To follow the flow of messages in an Exchange environment with all of the various server roles, the following flow occurs:

  • Incoming message from the Internet first goes to the Edge Transport server.
  • The Edge Transport server performs first-level of validation as well as spamand virus filtering. Then the message is routed on to the Hub Transport server.

  • The Hub Transport server checks for the internal routing for messages and forwards the message to a Mailbox server.

  • The Mailbox server places the incoming message into the user’s mailbox and notifiesthe user that a message has arrived.

  • The user launches Outlook, OWA, their Windows Mobile device, or another clientsystem and connects to the Client Access server. The Client Access server confirmsthe destination point of the user’s mailbox and provides the user access to theirmailbox data.

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