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JUNOS Software Upgrade Procedure

Juniper Networks releases several new versions of JUNOS software each year, as needed. This section will prepare you to perform a JUNOS software upgrade to the Router.

root@sysadmin>show system software

To upgrade your software, there are several simple steps

1. Download the software package(s) you need from the Juniper Networks Web site.

2. Perform a system backup on the router you wish to upgrade.

3. Copy the software package(s) to the router you wish to upgrade.

4. Add the new software package(s) to the router you wish to upgrade[ This will effectively delete the old packages ].

5. Reboot the Router.

Backing Up the System

root@sysadmin>request system snapshot

It creates a recoverable snapshot of the current system. However, will make the running and backup versions of the software identical and will mean that you cannot revert back to the original version that shipped with the router.

Copying the Package(s) to the Router by using FTP SCP

root@sysadmin#file copy filename

Upgrading the Package

Once the files have been copied to the hard disk, upgrade the software using the following command

root@sysadmin>request system software add package-name

Finishing the Upgrade

root@sysadmin>request system reboot

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