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Firmware Update in Juniper Firewall

1. Connect to the CLI using the RJ-45 to DB-9 or null modem cable.

2. Make sure the TFTP server is running.

3. Copy the new firmware image file to the root directory of the TFTP server.

4. Make sure the internal interface is connected to the same network as the FTPserver.

5. To set environment variables, you need to access the U-boot prompt.

6. To Accessing the U-Boot Promptsection Press spacebar to enter. U Prompt appears =>


=> setenv ipaddr

=> setenv netmask

=> setenv gatewayip

=> setenv serverip

=> save

7. Then check the connective from Firewall to the TFTP Server =>


8. Then reboot the firewall and press Enter to enter into Loader Prompt Loader>install URL

Where URL is tftp://host/package


Loader>install tftp://

9. The install script available in the installation file executes. This script does the ollowing:

  • Enables the Ethernet interface.

  • Downloads the JUNOS package from the server using TFTP.

  • Installs the package on the internal flash.

After the installation of the software image, the device boots from the internal flash.

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