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Few Exchange Management Tools

Disaster Recovery Tools

  • Database Recovery Management – This tool is intended to help administrators restoreExchange messaging services in the event of a disaster. This utility examines an ExchangeServer deployment when a database is unable to mount. Based on the information gathered,the tool automatically generates recommended step-by-step instructions to bring thedatabase back online.
  • Database Troubleshooter – This tool analyzes the databases and any available transactions logson a particular Exchange server. The utility reports any issues found that might affect theability to recover the database in the event of a failure. By scanning the log files, the toolis able to report on missing or corrupted files and offers recommended steps to perform toensure the database is brought to a clean, mountable condition.

Mail Flow Tools

  • Mail Flow Troubleshooter – The Mail Flow Troubleshooter provides easy access to various data sources that are necessaryto troubleshoot common problems with mail flow, such as messages backed up inmail queues, slow delivery of messages, or unexplained nondelivery reports.
  • Message Tracking – This utility allows administrators to search for messages and determine the path they tookthrough the Exchange environment.

  • Queue Viewer – The Exchange Queue Viewer is an Exchange Management Console snap-in that is addedto the Toolbox when an Exchange Server 2007 Hub Transport or Edge Transport server is installed. The Queue Viewer is a graphical interface that allows administrators to view informationabout mail queues and mail items on a transport server.

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