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DNS Records

Resource Record Description

SOA (Start of Authority) Is the first record in any zone file. It identifies the primary nameserver within the domain. It also includes other properties, suchas an administrator email address and caching properties for thezone.

A and AAAA (Host) Contains computer name to IPv4 (A) or IPv6 (AAAA) addressmappings for all hosts found in the domain, thereby identifyingthese host names.

NS (Name Server) contains the DNS servers that are authoritative in the domain.This includes both the primary DNS servers and any secondaryDNS servers.

SRV (Service) Stores information about where computers that provide a specificservice are located on the network. Information in these recordsincludes the name of the service and the DNS name of the hostthat provides the service. A computer still needs to access the Aor AAAA record for a service provider to resolve the name to an IP address. Examples can include web services associated with aweb server or logon services associated with a domain controlleron an AD DS domain.

CNAME (Alias) Provides aliases (canonical names), which are additional namesthat point to a single host. Machines respond to either theoriginal name or the alias. This facilitates doing such things ashosting both an FTP server and a web server on the same machine or for server migrations.

PTR (Pointer) Allows reverse lookups by containing IP address-to-name mappings.

MX (Mail Exchanger) Identifies preferred mail servers on the network. When more than one mail server exists, they are listed in order ofprecedence.

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