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Configuring Juniper Router

During the initial configuration of the router , you will need to configure the following:

To Setup the root Password

1. Plain text

root@sysadmin# set system root-authentication plain-text-password password

2. Pre-encrypted:

root@sysadmin# set system root-authentication encrypted-password password

3. Secure shell (SSH) key

root@sysadmin# set system root-authentication ssh-rsa key

A hostname for the router


root@sysadmin# set system host-name name

A domain name for the router


root@sysadmin# set system domain-name domain

The IP address and subnet mask of the management Ethernet port


root@sysadmin# set interfaces fxp0 unit 0 family inetaddress ip-address/prefix-length

To setup default route


root@sysadmin# set system backup-router gateway-address

root@sysadmin# set routing-options static route defaultnexthop gateway-address retain no-advertise

The domain name server IP address


root@sysadmin# set system name-server dns-address

At least one NON-ROOT user


root@sysadmin# set system login user username class class authentication plain-text password


It is vitally important to configure a NON-ROOT user , as ROOT cannot Telnet into the router!

After configuring the preceding, save your changes:


root@sysadmin# commit

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