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Comparing AD LDS with AD DS









 Includes more than one instance on a server.

 Includes independent schemas for each instance.

 Runs on client operating systems such as windows vista or windows server2008
 member servers.

 Runs on domain conrollers.

 Directory partitions can rely on x.500 naming conventions.

 Can be installed or removed without reboot.

 Service can be stopped or started without reboot.

 Supports Group Policy.

 Includes a global catalog.

 Manages objects such as workstations, member server, and domain controllers.

 Supports trusts between domains and forests.

 Supports and integrates with public key infrastructures ( PKIs ) and x.509 certificates.

 Supports DNS service ( SRV ) records for locating directory services.

 Supports LDAP application programming interfaces (APIs)

 Supports Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI) API.

 Supports the Messaging API (MAPI)

 Supports Object-level security and delegation of administration.


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