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Ubuntu Redhat package management

    RPM DEBIAN To query all installed package To query a particular package #rpm  -qa #rpm  -qa  |  grep  -i <package name> # dpkg  -l #dpkg

Sharing folder using ssh

FUSE - Filesystem in Userspace FUSE is a Linux kernel module also available for FreeBSD, OpenSolaris and Mac OS X that allows non-privileged users to create their own file systems without the need to write any kernel code. This is achieved by running the file system code in

What is Unix Directories

Unix Directories, Files and Inodes Every directory and file is listed in its parent directory. In the case of the root directory, that parent is itself. A directory is a file that contains a table listing the files contained within it, giving file names to the inode

Unix Architecture

/                      Root Directory /bin                 Binary Files Directory /boot               Booting Files Directory /dev                Device Configuration Files Directory /etc                 Configuration Files /home             This is used to store data under their own directory.

Unix Advanced File Permission

# chmod u + s < filename > SUID # chmod g + s < file name> GUID # chmod o + t <Dir Name> Sticky Bit What is SUID ? The common explanation given for SUID is, it is an advanced file permission SUID allows an user to execute a script as

Convert .chm file to .pdf file in Suse linux

zypper install libchm-bin chmlib allows extracting HTML files and images from (.chm) files. Now if you want to convert extracted HTML files into PDF, PS etc , you would need to install htmldoc which you could install easily by issuing the following command in the terminal window

create icon in applicateion menu in open suse

vi /usr/share/applications/JDownloader.desktop Then paste the following [Desktop Entry] Encoding=UTF-8 Name=JDownloader Comment=Download Manager Exec=java -jar /opt/JDownloader/JDownloader.jar Icon=/opt/JDownloader/JDownloader.png Terminal=false Type=Application Categories=GNOME;Network; StartupNotify=True

Share a printer with Window XP from Open Suse

On the Windows XP Computer... Share the printer so other computers can access it. Open "Add/Remove Windows Components" Graphical way: Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs Click the "Add/Remove Windows Components" button on the left side

Open Suse pxe-installation

  Install syslinux rpm file and it will create a file pxelinux.0 in /usr/share/syslinux/pxelinux.0   create bootimage file in tftp using yast as /srv/tftboot