Exchange Server

Exchange Server 2007 CAL Offerings

  FEATURE STANDARD CAL ENTERPRISES CAL* STANDARD CAL + ENTERPRISE CAL                                                                                        Email, shared calendaring, contacts, Tasks, Management Yes No* Yes  Outlook Web Access Yes No* Yes  Exchange ActiveSync Yes No* Yes  Unified Messaging No Yes Yes  Per-User/Per-Distribution List

Exchange 2007 Stadard Edition versus Enterprise Edition

   Feature  Standard  Enterprise  Maximum database size  16TB (unlimited)  16TB (unlimited)  Maximum number of storage groups  5  50  Supports Recovery Storage Group  Number of databases  5  50  Supports Client Access server role  Supports single-copy clustered Mailbox servers  Supports clustered continuous replication Mailbox


Red Hat kickstart installation

configure yum server copy dvd contents to /var/ftp/pub create yum repostory [yum server] cd /var/ftp/pub/Server cd repodata copy comps-rhel5-server-core.xml to /var/ftp/pub/Server copy comps-rhel5-server-core.xml to /root createrepo -g comps-rhel5-server-core.xml /var/ftp/pub/Server Create nfs vi /etc/exports /var/ftp/pub/ *(rw,sync,no_root_squash) Execute

Different between Extended 2, 3, 4 file system

Ext2(Extended 2 file system ) Ext3(Extended 3 file system ) Ext4(Extended 4 file system ) This was developed to overcome the limitation of the original